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Hotspot Shield

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Hotspot Shield

Free security and privacy product ensures your anonymity while on-line.

It would be great to have this app in a portable device.

Tim Clark
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Tim suspects spam!

Tim suspects spam!

Both WOT and McAfee SiteAdvisor don't like this site.

quick read sounds very unportable and unopen source.

and I don't think it's completely free.


Things have got to get better, they can't get worse, or can they?

RMB Fixed
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It's a pre-configured modified openVPN client..
I really don't care what some self-appointed internet-judges have to say, HotspotShield is a nice thing for people on the road using hot-spots if you can tolerate a bit of "commercial content".
But I don't think the source-code is available so just that makes it a no-go..

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Missing information

Please post more information. Read the Un-official Request Apps Guidelines (it's the very first sticky post in the Request Apps Forum) to know what information is needed.

And Welcome to! Smiling

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where download /

where download /

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This doesn't look anonymous at all. They know exactly where you are and where you go online. If you don't use SSL/TLS, they know everything you do and see. How is that anonymous?

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I have hotspot shield it

I have hotspot shield it works great you should make it a portable app.
I just don't like ads.


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