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FF running but no window shows up!

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FF running but no window shows up!

I am using a portable version of FF3.0.1 on WinXP SP2 at work laptop and it was working perfectly till this morning. What's important I haven't changed anything in the configuration...

But today morning I tried to start it, I saw the splashscreen and then nothing happended!

I can see in the Task Manager that two files are running: FirefoxPortable.exe and firefox.exe itself. Unfortunately the FF window doesn't appear... I tried restarting, closing the processes etc. but it doesn't work. When I started firefox.exe directly from the directory it runs but obviously with a default (=empty) profile... But I cannot make it work by running FirefoxPortable.exe.

When I start it in the safe mode using the command line it runs, but as no proxy is configured it won't work. Can this be a problem with some extensions? I have a lot of them but till now there was no problem...

I backed up my Data folder, made a clean installation of FF (works), then restored DAta folder and... ooops! the same Sad I believe it can be some extension causing the crash - but if everything was OK, was it suddently stopped working?

Is there a way to list automatically all the extensions into the text file? I have about 30 of them and it's hard to put them all here by typing.

Anyone can help with this, please?

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There's not a way that I know

There's not a way that I know of to list all the extensions in a text file. You could try removing (in the data/profile/extensions directory) newly installed or upgraded addons. If that doesn't work, I know this sounds difficult, but try installing a couple at a time all your addons in a clean install of FF. Or just ask someone else with better ideas. Wink

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From your description, seams to me that one of your add-ons was updated and caused the crash (worst case scenario), or maybe it's only the add-on cache file that became corrupted.
If this is your case, to fix it just follow this simple steps:

  1. From the menu at the top of the Firefox windowbar, select FileFirefox and then select the ExitQuit FirefoxQuit menu item.
  2. Go to your profile folder.
  3. Delete the following files:
    • extensions.ini
    • extensions.cache
    • extensions.rdf
  4. Restart Firefox.

Deleting these files will make Firefox recreate them (removing any corruption) the next time it starts. You won't lose your extensions or their settings by deleting these files.

If this don't work, do as Simon says, ops, Bobert Biggrin

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I have run into this as well.

I have run into this as well. the way i resolve it is by killing FirefoxPortable first. usually it is a problem caused by a rouge plug-in code.

if killing firefox portable doesn't close the firefox.exe then kill them both. I sometimes have to log out or restart at this point.

The plug ins i have problems with are the English Dictionary, AdBlock Plus and download status bar. Usually it turns out to be a bad update. This might not be the case for you but i thought i would share my experience (and frustration).

Versions that have been effected: Firefox

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Well, I've noticed that such

Well, I've noticed that such problem occurs ONLY when I use FF3 Portable outside my work network - like GSM/3G access.
Everytime I log in or out the laptop the files are being synchronized - it must be something with the files synchronization - some of them that have been modified outside my work network are not being synchronized properly, I believe.

Last time I succeeded by uninstalling latest add-ons and FF3 run smoothly. Today I face the same situation but this time it seems no to help :-((((

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