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Anonymizer App.

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Anonymizer App.

What a great website !!!! Have only been on here a short time but its going to become a favourite I can see.

I came across an advert in a magazine recently for a USB StealthSurfer (, and have been putting one together myself on my USB thumb drive. has been invaluable in helping me with software.

Going through all the Forum topics, I can not find any link for anything like Anonymizer, which would hide my IP address while online. I came across PeerGuardian, but that seems to block groups of IPs, rather than actually shield my own IP address.

Is there anything like Anonymizer available please? Is there a possiblity of it becoming a portable app on this site??? I would particularly like it as extra security when using my USB thumb drive on my work computer. Our telecommunications supplier provides a report showing all internet access, and whilst I am not a surfer, I do like to check a couple of email accounts online daily, so am hoping the creating of my own 'StealthSurfer' will allow me to do this without being reported as activity on my work computer.

Thanking you in advance for any suggestions.

Bruce Pascoe
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You could search the internet for TorPark. Tor does what you're describing.

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SwitchProxy is another option

SwitchProxy is another is a Firefox extension, and you need to make sure to have version 1.3.7 for it to work with Firefox 1.5+ (older SwitchProxy versions appear to install OK, until you try to manually add or automatically import sites, which will generate an error).

To get a list of proxies that you can have SwitchProxy import, and also setup to update from daily, you can input this site in SwitchProxy:

This is a pretty good list, but you can still hit dead ones/ones that refuse certain connections/etc. ... you can tell SwitchProxy to manually go to the next proxy in the list too.

Of course, connection usually slows :-|

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