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Portable Windows Emacs!!!

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Portable Windows Emacs!!!

Is there any reason why the windows version of emacs couldn't be a portable app? I use emacs every day of my life, though i'm often working on other peoples machines. Now most of the time, with windows, a great text editor isn't as ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY as is is under *nix, but i'd love to have the option to use emacs whenever, wherever.

Also, can portable apps b made to work with *nix? If not, why not? I'd love to carry my emacs around with me. I've been tweaking my emacs with .el files and .emacs for almost two years now. its like a warm fuzzy blanket. It would SERIOUSLY be useful to me to be able to have this funcionality on the go . . .

I want to say thanks though. this is an amzing site and i use one of your apps almost daily, and i've copied over the "portable" directory of my thumb drive to several people so far, and they were like, wait, why don't we have to pay for these again???

If these are free, who pays the programmers? An important question for CS students like ourselves . . .

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1) Portable Apps can not be made for *nix, as they would have to be recompiled at every machine you use it on.

2) No one pays us programmers. We all do it for the benefit of the community, as does John. Both of the major development sites, this one, and PortaSoft ( have all-volunteer developers.


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Nobody pays the programmers, and nobody should have to. That's the beauty of open-source: it's all about altruism.

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Some Win32 Portable Emacs information includes instructions to specify .emacs.el path in startup files.

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