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Blue coat web filter

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Blue coat web filter

Sometimes I try to get this web, but I get this message on the tab:

Network Error (dns_server_failure)

Your request could not be processed because an error occurred contacting the DNS server.
The DNS server may be temporarily unavailable, or there could be a network problem.

For assistance, contact your network support team.

Your request was categorized by Blue Coat Web Filter as 'Education'.
If you wish to question or dispute this result, please click here.

I use google to find the website, then I click on the link and website starts up.

what happen?


hunted hawk
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blue coat

im going to guess that your trying to access this site from work or school and therefore your IT department is using the blue coat web filter and they have chosen to block this page there is a link on the page you copied here you can click on that and ask them to unblock it

hope this helped

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