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Portable OOo 3 beta 2 US English Spell checker

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Portable OOo 3 beta 2 US English Spell checker

The Portable OOo 3 beta 2 English version spell check seems broken. Is that from the OOo site like that or is that a PA language tweak issue or was I suppose to set something up verses a default download/install?

All English words are marked as misspelled? Maybe the US dictionary is bad on new or existing documents, and no suggestions are offered.

Anyway, if you select the UK dictionary instead of the default US dictionary, things get much better, maybe perfect, at least where the two agree on spelling (color vs colour).

I trust that if PA goofed during whatever language tweaking is going on, they'll fix it. And if OOo goofed in making up their original downloads, someone already caught it?

BTW, I downloaded the English dictionary from the PA site and "installed it." That didn't seem to change anything, but I might have messed it up (where to I look to see if some file is where it belongs for the dictionary install). I didn't try uninstalling the existing dictionaries first (the Extension Manager has padlock symbols.

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Also saw that

Yeah, that very same thing happened to me. I haven't yet figured it out either.

I'm submitting a number of bugs to OOo, so I'll mention that one too (although I'm sure many others will also have already done the same).

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In fact the 3 Beta 2 has a bug with the dictionaries ...

... and it seams the Portable too.

I'll check it.

By the way, there are no (!) dictionaries on the site. Languagepacks don't include spellcheckers or dictionaries. The dictionaries and hyphs comes as extensions.

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Installing Aussie English dictionaries for OOo 3 beta

OOo3 doesn't use wizards to load dictionaries. Instead users must install them from the menu (Tools \ Extension Manager). So OOo3 dictionaries have an oxt file name extension.

I paid $6 and downloaded an Australian English dictionary here:

There are two versions, one is the "full" version which includes US variant spellings as well as AU variant spellings and the other is the "Kelvin" version which only includes the AU spellings. I installed the Kelvin version and it works very well.

By the way, the JustLocal website also has Australian English dictionaries for OOo2.x and many other applications. It also describes the method for installing OOo2.x dictionaries.

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