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Enigmail issues with TB Portable

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Enigmail issues with TB Portable

Anyone else having issues with their Enigmail after updating to TB Portable ver.

For some reason, I'm getting continuous error messages that Enigmail is failing to initialize when trying to run anything that requires Enigmail after I updated to

Currently, I'm running it within the following environment:

1. Portable USB Drive (Western Digital 160GB) on Win XP SP3, via the Portable Apps launcher.

2. TB Portable is ver., with GPG for TB Portable ver. 1.4.9 (I originally had 1.4.7, but upgraded as I suspected this was the issue).

3. Enigmail add-on is the latest ver. Win 0.95.6 showing on the Enigmail site.

Have had a pretty stable experience with the TB/GPG Portable 1.4.7/Enigmail so far, and haven't had similar issues on another USB key that I run with TB, GPG 1.4.7 and the same Enigmail 0.95.6 extension.

All thoughts appreciated! Would love to avoid re-building the while mail profile if I can.

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works fine for me

so far 20016 and 0.95.7 of enigma so far.
Have still gpg147 in it, will copy the 149 sometimes. But all works.
Try the emigma update, it might solve something

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

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