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Stellarium not loading from Portable Apps

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Stellarium not loading from Portable Apps

Downloaded and installed Stellarium in the recently-released portable version (Stellarium 0.9.1), but it doesn't seem to load when I'm trying to run it from either the Portable Apps suite, or directly from the application folder.

Environment is as follows:

Western Digital 160GB portable USB drive, with Portable Apps Suite 1.1 on Win XP SP3 (also did the same thing with SP2).

Anybody else experiencing this? Have since downloaded and installed the normal desktop version of Stellarium 0.9.1 for use at home, but wanted to get the portable version functioning properly as well.

No other portable apps seemed to be hanging on loading like this, so don't know why Stellarium is doing it.

All thoughts appreciated!

Kevin Porter
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I have had this problem before. It's generally a problem with the environment variables we use or your Stellarium profile.

I would first try deleting the Stellarium Portable folder and reinstall Stellarium Portable. That generally fixes it.

If that doesn't work, could you give a more detail about the problem? Does the command prompt come up and just hang, or does Stellarium just hang in memory and never load?

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