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Confused and Bewildered Newbie

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Confused and Bewildered Newbie

Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for an application to edit sound on my Blackberry Curve 8330 and someone on another forum suggested that I look at the PortableApps version of Audacity. Now that I'm here, I'm completely bewildered by this site/program -

1. Does PortableApps reside on my BB and allow me to run programs from my device or does my BB have to be connected to a computer in order to run?
2. If so, how do I install PortableApps on my BB?

Patrick Patience
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Answers: No, No

1. No, applications to not run on mobile phones or Windows Mobile, they're intended for Windows PC's. However, they can run FROM a mobile device, which may even be a phone in some case. However, that is not what you're looking for. The user who recommended Audacity Portable may have been confused, or they may have just have assumed that it would be easier to not have to install Audacity, and you could edit the sounds by connecting your BlackBerry and editing the sounds in Windows.
2. Not applicable.

Hoped to have helped, but shoot away with any other questions.

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Thank you

Thank you for your quick responses - they answered my questions. Again, thanks.

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No PortableApps on mobile phones?

I have been using PortableApps for 2 years via a flash drive on PCs. I refuse to use webmail when I can take my Thunderbird client with me everywhere I go. I just bought an LG Dare yesterday, along with the mobile web package. That service with that phone only allows webmail access (Yahoo, MSN, Gmail), not the Blackberry style "tethering" to email (or whatever it's called). Hence I cannot get my emails pushed to the phone in a dedicated email reader. I have to either settle for my server's crappy webmail interface OR find a way to get Thunderbird on my LG Dare.

The phone takes Micro SD cards. (I have not received the phone in the mail but I am scheming in advance, without the ability to test it out.) Shouldn't I be able to put my PortableApps on that SD card and run my programs from it on the phone?

Thanks in advance.

Tim Clark
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I think the answer is

I think the answer is no,

Unless your phone can run Windows programs on the SD card.
The card is just storage, you need an OS that can run the program.
If the phone can run Windows Programs, REAL Windows programs, then it might work.


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Do you really need a program

Do you really need a program that runs on your Blackberry that edits sound files stored there? Or do you need a way to edit the sound files that your Blackberry uses? If the former, I'd be intrigued to learn the scope of the requirement -- do you need more than being able to cut bad parts off a sound file, or concatenate two files into one? How many other people might need that sort of application? Would you expect to be able to encode a sound file to MP3 or AAC? Would you expect it to work on ringtones? (That latter might be iffy; ringtones are a profit center for some companies, so they aren't likely to be happy if you can change or edit them.) Maybe it has to do with voice mail?

Mobile devices and phones are mostly running a different kind of operating system, so your regular Windows or Mac programs won't install or run there. But if you can get the sound files out, you could use Audacity on another machine to edit the files, then put them back.


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