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Menu position changes sometimes unintended

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Menu position changes sometimes unintended

Since the introduction of the menu remembering the position I have sometimes that when I start the menu it opens not in the default bottom right location but somewhat in the middle of the screen.

I suspect it has something to do with the changing resolutions (for example while playing a game). I'm unsure what exactly happened, maybe the game crashed leaving the menu thinking it had some other position on screen. I personally think that having the menu draggable is not that important and always have it located on the down right corner. (Dragging the menu back to the location).

Maybe an option to disable remembering the current position would solve this issue as I regularly encounter it and while it's not a huge problem, I always need to drag it back to the correct position.

Any thoughts on this issue?

John T. Haller
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Resolution Change

If the menu is running and you change resolutions, it forces all open apps to move to the a new position inside that new resolution, this includes the menu. When you switch back, the apps do not move back. You'll see this behavior in all apps. Granted, you usually close apps when you play a game to maximize performance, but it does crop up. I've noticed it with lots of other apps. Most recently with Yahoo widgets since my hidden widgets get moved all over the place after a resolution change from playing a full screen game.

I'm not sure if there's an easy fix for this or not, but I have a couple ideas that may fix it transparently so it'll just work without needing to disable moving.

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