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Steve Lamerton
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Developer Needed

I posted this job add up on sourceforge and I think I may as well put it here too.

C++ with wxWidgets Developer Requested


I am looking for a C++ with wxWidgets developer to help debug my latest project, Libertà. Libertà is designed to be a simple and easy to use application launcher for applications such as those on It also portableizes (e.g. removes registry settings after use) existing programs. At the moment the project is 90% completed but I am have trouble with some C++ as it is not my 'native' language. Your main role will be to help debug the existing code and/or replace it with more efficient alternatives. If you need ANY more information please dont hesitate to e-mail me.



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I'm a C++ wxWidgets developer

Actually seems I'm duplicating work here, because I'm also working on an GPLed launcher for portable apps written using wxWidgets. So yeah I'd like to help out.

I've actually created a fully skinable gui based on a wxHtmlWindow.
I added a custom tag for a wxHtmlListBox and adapted the wxHtmlListbox to do translucent backgrounds with controlable opacity and to do translucent listbox items with controlable opacity.

The GUI is skinable because I read the HTML pages from the actual windows resource inside the exe. Currently I can replace the resource on an exe using ResHacker, but I'm working on getting the exe to embed resources into itself from a directory you point it at. This means that you wouldn't need to compile the exe in order to be able to modify the skin.

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