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Auto-sync on program start

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Auto-sync on program start

I'm working on altering my autoexec.inf file so Toucan automatically starts when I plug in my flash drive. When it starts, I want it to automatically sync my files - through a job I would save within Toucan. Then when I was done on that computer, I would manually run the job again.

But I don't know how to do the auto sync part. Can I do that in the .inf file?
Please excuse the pseudo code...
like "open=/files/toucan.exe jobname"


I saw a similar post but it seemed like it was for a script in the windows OS, not on the usb drive.

Steve Lamerton
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you should be able to do that, I havent tried it but would be ingrigued to see if it worked. If you check the Toucan help pages from within the app itself you will find a list of all the command line options. I hope you enjoy using Toucan and welcome to the forum Smile

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