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Thunderbird outgoing password

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Thunderbird outgoing password

Thunderbird portable is amazing and I am a teacher and use it everyday to download all my emails instead of using the yucky webmail crap the county gives us.


We got a new system and for some reason the outgoing server requires a different username and password than the incoming server. This is a problem for me with Thunderbird because it only lets you alter the username for the outgoing server. It does not allow you to set a different password to go along with that other username.

So its rendered useless to me for this problem.
What should I do?
Hopefully this is going to be fixed?

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some things to try

Normally if the password that Thunderbird has saved is not correct, then Thunderbird should prompt you to change it when you try sending an email. So, if you haven't tried sending an email since you've changed he user name give it a shot and see if that prompt does appear.

If that doesn't work, go into Tools -> Options -> Privacy there should be a password sub-tab with a button labeled "Edit Saved Passwords" You could try removing the smtp password. Ideally, if you try and send an email after doing that it should prompt you to enter the password for what ever user name you specified in the account settings.

If neither of those work, the only other thing I could suggest (unless somebody else has a suggestion) is to check the Thunderbird forms on Mozilla's website or maybe with your internet provider to see what suggestions they have.

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different pw for smtp

can be set for sure.
I am using two different accouts , one for sending and receiving from complately other provider.
The pw is not the same and is certainly stored separately. you just set up an account for sending, this is somehow not so ergonomic, you have to click on the top of the settings list and then add account with the new settings and select it the later as defoult.

The 'server settings' in the list are then for the receiving account.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

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