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Sync Problems

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Sync Problems

I just installed the new Toucan today, and I have run into some problems. I was trying a mirror-update sync with some old saved jobs in toucan that used to work fine. They had some files that were supposed to be excluded. When I did the sync the files were not excluded. So I deleted the job and made a new one with new rules for file exclusions. I found though, that Toucan would not remove the folders and files that were supposed to be excluded in the mirror update even though in the preview it said it was going to remove the stuff. If I deleted the stuff on my own, however, it would not put it back.
Also with the colors in preview. Red is for filed and folders that are going to be removed? But it marks all my folders with red. Every single one of them. Even the ones that are not supposed to go anywhere and are still around after the sync.

Steve Lamerton
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it seems like there are a few issues with Rules right now, I shall look into this and post an update asap. Welcome to Smile

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