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KompoZer FTP setup

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KompoZer FTP setup

I have been trying to see if KompoZer has am FTP system built in. I have found the "publish" setup but that does not seem to work. Can anyone help me with this

Thanks in advance.


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Using the Publish feature

First: I like this feature. Second: Not always.
Basic frustration: The Publish Settings have to be correct. They are if all files of a domain can be seen with the Site Manager. These are mine in German language.

I make use of it whenever I correct single pages:
- Opening the SiteManager, clicking to the particular page, editing, publishing and finally Save-as to the hard disc takes only time for editing.
- Switching from one domain to another at distinguished providers for single pages with the built-in site manager makes on- and off-logging for FTP obsolete. All pages are available at mouse-clicks in parallel.
- Save to hard disc from where the file is loaded and then publishing it (instead of Save as...) to any other remote hard disc place for backup saves from crawling through directories. However, this is a just-before-exit procedure, because with the next save of course crawling will be necessary.
- Keeping projects at hand all over several harddiscs and directories for editing reduces load to a mouse click and save to publish.

I avoid using the Site Manager when transferring packages because:
- It will never transfer pdf-, xls- or the-like-download-files.
- It will fail if you are not in control of your image addresses.
- If you use for images and other files "Use this site subdirectory" Nvu/KompoZer will store the *.css in that subdirectory. It will not support a variety of subdirectories like /gif, /png and /jpg just for an example.

To check whether Nvu/KompoZer's Publish works at all, install with the freshly loaded programme a site somewhere on your hard disc and publish a "Hello World" to there, thus finding out that the installation of Nvu/KompoZer is correct.
The next check goes to above basic frustration.
If that is all correct Nvu/KompoZer tends after some work is done to stumble, e.g. the mouse pointer does not move while in source code or a click to Publish shows no reaction at all. If this occurs, I save the data and restart Nvu/KompoZer.

Finally, for the all-for-free users, some free-space offers come with limited numbers of access lines, not all of them. The Site-Manager will not work with such providers.

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site manager?

where is this? in the komposer.

I made some experinec with the publish function, but it is very crude and it can only produce one folder it seems to me on the remote site. one cannot see what was uploaded and what not or beeter say where it was stored there after all.

am I doing anything wrong

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

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