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OO doesn't open on Vista SP1

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OO doesn't open on Vista SP1

Whenever I try to use any OO app on my PC, I get " 2.4 has stopped working". Same thing happens on my HP Laptop. Both, PC and laptop, are running Vista SP1. The rest of portable apps work fine.

Any thoughts? Thank you.

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I'm using OOoPortable on a

I'm using OOoPortable on a client-issued Vista laptop where I do not have admin privileges using a copy stored in my documents folder. Is it practical to download a fresh copy? Do you have a local install of OOo on the machines?

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Please try the Portable 3 Beta 2 ...

... there are some issues on some Vista machines for 2.4.1.

If this version works for Youe, perhaps I'll publish an second release for 2.4.1.

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WFM Portable 2.4.1 on Vista SP1 works fine for me, too.

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No problems here

I've used all releases of ooo on vista sp1. They all work.
ooo 2.4 -ok
ooo 3 beta 1 -ok
ooo 3 beta 2 -ok

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Joined: 2008-08-30 12:15 Portable 3 beta 2 resolves the problem

Hi, I had the same problem - when trying to run Portable 2.4, it stopps working (on Vista SP1 laptop). I have installed the PortableApps Suite both on an USB flash drive and my PC. From the USB flash drive OpenOffice works properly, but from the Suite location on PC it doesn't work. I noticed another interesting point - the same file ( Portable 2.4) works properly when installed separately from the Suite pack. It doesn't work only as a part of the Suite.
I downloaded and installed the Beta 2 version of Portable 3 (as advised), and this resolved the problem fully. Thank you!

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