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Virus Notification

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Virus Notification


I have been running portable apps on my USB drive for some time now. This afternoon I tried to plug in the drive and my antivirus software popped up saying the followning:

The Win32/FakeAv.CX was detected in F:\...STARTPORTAB.... Machine: FM_, User:_. File Status: File was cured; system cure performed.

It removed startportableapps.exe from my USB drive. I went to the PA website and tried to download it again and once again got the following message once the installer started to download:

The Win32/FakeAv.CX was detected in C:\...PORTABLEAPPS.COM_SUITE.... Machine: FM_, User:_. File Status: Cure failed, file restored.

I'm using eTrust antivirus ver: Version: 7.0.139 with Vet engine to version 31.6.6037 updated on 08/20/2008.

Has anyone else run into this FakeAv.CX false positive before?
This is on a corporate machine so I don't know if I should be contacting CA about the issue or not.


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It seems like eTrust has done something as there is a whole bunch of other users reporting problems with different programs from this site.

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