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Republican vs. Democratic [Locked to Prevent Dispute]

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Chris Roby
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Republican vs. Democratic [Locked to Prevent Dispute]

In the spirit of the upcoming election, I was wondering everyone's choice for president and/or political views.

I would vote for Ralph Nader (If I could vote...)/My Family is registered Republican

[Topic locked my moderator PP - religious, political, etc talk is best kept out of these forums to prevent disputes]

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Go Obama

Time to see real change in the Whitehouse so that positive change may ripple across the world Smile

@John may be worth doing a poll on this? Advocate

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Probably not worth doing a

Probably not worth doing a real poll, many users are not American, and most can't vote even if they are, average age around here can't be more then like 16

And Idk yet, I don't like either of them and don't like Nadar that much, I'll probably vote Obama just so it's democrats in there but, he needs to answer some questions and speak his mind more, if he wants my vote.

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Ok and what you (or

Ok and what you (or Obama)understand for "real changes"???
the only thing that i hear every day (almost) is "change", but not what the change is!


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