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Add aplication(which doesn't use anything on the machine) to launcher

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Add aplication(which doesn't use anything on the machine) to launcher

Hi, I started using portable apps this week, so I'm sorry if this is not the right place for this question or the answer is obvious.

I have some software which doesn't use anything in the computer and I'm already used to use it from my pen drive (such as eclipse, a mod of dev++, and some stuff I wrote).
I looked at google and the documentation I found here, the process to create a program that can be used with PA launcher seems to be a little complex, is there any software which generates the ".paf.exe" file for programs like this, without having to install, monitoring the registry or what ever...
Basically what I want is to have an shortcut to a program which is already kind of portable

Does a tool for it exist?
if not, what is the easiest way to do this?
I'm asking because if it deesn't exist I would like to write such program

Rodrigo Rodrigues

John T. Haller
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No Modifications

Most apps that run in standalone mode need no modification. You just have to move them to a directory within the X:\PortableApps directory:

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check out Portable App

check out Portable App Creator here: i think its exactly what you're looking for. just start it up and when it asks for an install file just click skip and it will take you directly to the shortcut creator.

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It's true many programs work

It's true many programs work from USB drive without problems but some things like registry settings written can occur and are not obvious to most users. Even usage of some folders. If you take the app to another computer it does run fine but sets registry keys and maybe creates some folders.

So many people say some apps run fine without changes and thats true, but some apps do make changes on the PC. This might cause problems if the PC has a local installed version of the application.

Just to keep in mind.

PS wasn't Eclipse written in JAVA?

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Universal Extractor & WinRAR

I have found it works quite well often that, if I can unpack an install file using Universal Extractor, I can then create a portable version of the program using WinRAR and the instructions given by sleepydvdr in the Portable Freeware forum here:

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