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I am trying to develop a database/script and am not sure the easiest/best direction to start in since I am not a programmer/developer. What I am trying to accomplish appears that it can be done several ways but I would like a developer's advice. I have an oOo template file which needs to update regularly. Some text is static other text would change weekly or would need to check for event dates to see if they are past (for example). I know that .ott/.odt files are really zip and that the actual text is XML so I figure if I make a database (using MySQL currently but upon reading not sure if SQLLite would be better), use some script to parse/delete out old content/import new content I can automate this process or make it easier for someone else that is not as computer literate. So do I need to learn java or UNO-Python for this? Is there an easy way to execute the script when user plugs in the flash drive? Would it be best to automate some of these steps via some web server that updates the database and then some other script that imports that new data? It appears that the .JAR files contain the UNO objects that I would need to be accessing - does that mean Java would be best? Should I really be looking for answers in oOo support?

Developer help/direction appreciated. By the way PortableApps is a great project - wish all apps were as small as possible.

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Sounds like a question to ...

... an not really for Wink

If the task is only to hold an template up to date, the use of a database is not needed.

You could use the built in extension support of

Create an extension for Your template (in the spec for the extensions is also a definition for updates). The extension manager will look for updates of the extensions (and so for Your template too) on the start of (Portable).

You'l find informations about extensions on:

Paid for Software more or less?
What You need is OSS!

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