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New Sourceforge format

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New Sourceforge format

I am extreamly annoyed at the new Sourceforge format. I was trying to get the new portable app program BonkEnc but the sourceforge download page would never load and when i got to the point of selecting the directory to save the file the download stopped at 7%. Using a mirror use to be so much easier but now it seems to be broken.

Any one else want to tell their horror stories with the NEW SourceForge?

Kevin Porter
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I hate it too. It looks like a badly designed Kubric-like theme. I just can't navigate it anymore. It was hard enough before, but now it's next to impossible. It really sucks. Sourceforge: change it back.

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I just had to use Internet

I just had to use Internet Explorer 5.5 to get BonkEnc.

Kubric like theme? Please do explain.

It has taken me 3 years to figure Sourceforge out now it will take me another 5 years to figure the new format out? Ugggh. Hope it is easier for the Project people like JTH.

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Kubric is the default

Kubric is the default Wordpress blog theme.

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I really thought the old one was complete like a universal remote, but this one definetely does not follow 'everything at the tip of your fingers'.
But they moved servers...

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I am not a app dev or anything like that but I do peruse SF now and then. It is just a download page... It is the same no matter what you download. It is simple to get to the other files although not as easy as it was before. It is not a significant change for me to complain about it. Now if they completely removed any and all access from the download page to the other files, then that would be cause for concern for me.

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Yes, the "new" SF is

Yes, the "new" SF is definitely a step backwards...

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it looks really good but all of my downloads there recently have either been cut short or broken. i am hoping that this is just a "Phase" and soon it will be better.


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I just ran into the problem

I just ran into the problem where a files was downloading at 1.4kb/s while i am on a full T1 line. WTF???

File was PCSX-df 1.9 tar

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