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tmp files with a 4gb usb stick

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tmp files with a 4gb usb stick

I have a problem with Sync (Copy) and the creation of tmp files with Toucan 2. I have read the posting Should tmp file really be created in Toucan's folder? and know, that for different demands it is useful, that the tmp files are created on the target, but not for me Wink

I have the 4gb Corsair Flash Voyager stick with a bunch of applications on it, which occupied c. 500mb space. And i have a TrueCrypt container on the hard drive with 2gb size. With Toucan 1.2.2 it was possible to use the Toucan functions to back up such large files on a 4gb stick, but because Toucan 2.X creates tmp files on the target side first, the disk space is not enough for the whole process.

Because of the diffrent demands, could it make sense to have a Toucan variable or another mechanism to point the tmp files/the whole process to another place so users with different space prerequisites can use Toucan more flexibly?

Steve Lamerton
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yes, I shall try to add this in the release after next (2.0.2) thanks for the suggestion Smile

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