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Encrypting firefox...

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Encrypting firefox...

I'm thinking of getting rid of U3 since the password is just getting excessive and it takes forever to load up the launchpad, plus it leaves behind info on host computers, which some people(including my dad) doesn't like too much.

So I just started using Toucan.
Only thing that is really 'valuable' to me is Firefox, since it has my password automatically loaded into gmail and other websites that have private info.

So this would be pretty much the only thing I would use Toucan for, but I didn't want to encrypt the whole folder, since that would take forever.

So, question is, which files should I encrypt?
Just firefoxportable.exe?
Or including the actual firefox.exe, and some of my cookies and bookmark files?

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Password Protect Firefox

Firefox has the ability to password protect its own important bits via a Master Password. This protects your remembered passwords by encrypting all of them using the password you select. It's very easy to set up. Here are the details:

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