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Browser for Windows Mobile

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Browser for Windows Mobile

I got a Dopod 838 Pro and wants to know what browser can I install. It has Pocket IE but I'm looking for a better alternative.

Thanks in advance.

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this is a topic for the Off

this is a topic for the Off topic forums, please move it there
Firefox mobile is in the works

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Minimo is an old and

Minimo is an old and abandoned project (for good reason). Use Opera Mini for speed and shine or UCWeb for just speed. Iris makes a decent Webkit based browser, and it's the closest thing to iPhone's Safari for Windows Mobile. I personally use UCWeb for news surfing because it's extremely fast, but doesn't render images and such as good as the others. The best free browser so far is Opera Mini.

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Opera Mini worked the best.

Opera Mini worked the best. Minimo was a massive resource hog even on a PocketPC withg a 700mhz Xscale processor and plenty of ram (96MB). Mini Opera took more resouces than IE mobile but it is not based of IE 5.5 like the WM5 IE mobile is based off of.

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I need....

...a way to prevent my phone from accessing the net via...well, PHONE (don't need to rack up excess minutes, y'know!).

Mine has WiFi, and I work & live in areas where there's plenteous free WiFi access around, but whenever I try to use one of the browsers (despite having my WiFi turned on, and getting a signal), it automatically tries to connect via phone, and it seems oblivious to the fact that there's WiFi engaged.

ANy ideas?.... I got me a Sprint hTc Mogul running WinMobile 6.1, if that helps...


Thx in advance.

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