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MSN on Pidgin portable

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MSN on Pidgin portable

Connection Error from Notification Server: Reading Error

I got that message after trying to log-in to MSN on Pidgin. Now, Im not sure what to do, but if i could have some feedback, that would be great

Patrick Patience
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Few Things

Do you have other account set up that are connecting fine? Has MSN connected in this version before? If this is 2.5 there was an issue with MSN connections and you may want to go back to 2.4.3 for now.

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Ok I've identified a bug:

1. I create an msn account
2. It connects ok and I can chat etc to my msn contacts
3. When I close and reopen Pidgin 2.5.0 msn then fails to connect despite using the *same* "Use global proxy settings" optinon.

I'm using an SSH tunnel and have pointed the main program preferences to on port 1080 - this works for AOL, Yahoo and ICQ - the main programs I use. It also works for msn but only after the account creation, see above.

Now, you might think that if I set the msn account to explicitly use and port 1080 it might reconnect, however, it doesn't. Either the main settings superceed the individual accounts or msn simply won't connect.



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is a common issue for me. I'll get randomly disconnected from MSN sometimes with a "Read Error". All I have to do is reconnect (maybe 2 or 3 times) but it works about 95% of the time. It is kind of irritating, but I've found that it works.

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