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Pidgin: open links in firefox

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Pidgin: open links in firefox

Hey all!
Everytime I click on a link i get from someone in pidgin, it opens in IE (which I guess is the computer's default browser). How can I make pidgin open the links with my Firefox Portable?

Thanks in advance,

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Try this... For
i240 Dan
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Windows 2000, Pidgin Portable, FireFox default browser

I use my portable drive on my pc (Vista), my parents pc (XP) and my work computer (Windows 2000).

I've only had my portable drive for a couple of weeks so I'm only just starting to get to grips with it.

I'm using pidgin to run my MSN messenger account as there is not a freeware version of messenger. Pidgin runs well with no problems on all the pc's I use.

However I would like when I open my hotmail inbox from Pidgin to open in my portable firefox.

The links to the DefaultBrowser here only work for XP or Vista.

It also seems a pain that even using the above software you would have to reasign the drive letter if it changes between uses which is highly likely when using numerous pc's for your portable apps.



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I think

you cant have your link opened in Firefox Portable. I dont think Pidgin supports that.

What exactly do you mean about the drive letter. You shouldnt have to do anything - all Programs are made to handle driveletter changes.

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i240 Dan
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Seems it is possible to set

Seems it is possible to set your portable drive up to have firefox portable as your default browser using the DefaultBrowser software if you read one of those links in the second post.

It also states, "Important: If you’re using Mozilla Firefox Portable Edition from a USB disk, whenever the drive-letter for the USB disk changes, you’ll need to re-register FirefoxPortable.exe using the DefaultBrowser utility again. For instance, the drive-letter for your USB disk may change when adding additional hardware in your system."

Seems that if the drive letter changes, when you move pc for example, you need to re run the DefaultBrowser software.


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