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FileZilla: Live CD problems

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FileZilla: Live CD problems

I'm trying to run PortableFilezilla (tried & 3.1.2) from within BartPE, which is a Live (bootable) CD. I bumped into the problem of setting off a flurry of Error messages because of not being able to write settings, etc, back to the read-only CD. I tried to follow the instructions in the Help.html, but apparently my interpretation was incorrect.

I currently have FilezillaPortable.ini located at the head of the directory with the 129KB file named FilezillaPortable.exe. All other files are in their default location. I have changed the setting for "SkipBackups" to "true." What am I missing?

This is the complete text of the .ini:


# The above options are explained in the included readme.txt
# This INI is just an example and is not used in its current location

Other than the multiple error messages, everything else is working fine. Many thanks for a great little utility!

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[From the Support Page,

[From the Support Page,]
Running from a CD (FileZilla Portable Live)

The ability to run from a CD is built right in. Just extract FileZilla Portable to a local directory and run it at least once to generate a set of default settings. Then configure it as desired. When finished, burn the entire FileZillaPortable directory to CD. If you'd like to use it from a USB flash drive in read-only mode, you can disable the settings file backups (which prevents write access warnings in Windows). Complete details and an example INI file are in the FileZillaPortable\Other\FileZillaPortableSource directory.

Did you run it at least once?

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Saw that, thanks.

Yes, I found those instructions. Also some inside the app itself, in Other/Source/Reame.txt, though the format has been changed somewhat since the instructions were written. Initially I ran the program, got it all set up the way I wanted, but still get the error messages on start-up and shut-down, maybe 20 of them total. In between the error messages it works perfectly.

That's the "example.ini" mentioned in your quote that I modified, the text of which I listed above. The only thing in it that I could find to change was the "skipbackups=true." Is there anything else I could change, or anything I could add?

I should mention that I can run the same file outside the Live CD and it's fine.

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