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JkDefrag 3.36 Pre-Release 1

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Travis Carrico
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JkDefrag 3.36 Pre-Release 1

This has been released. Thanks for testing.

I'm not sure if i really need to do a pre-release on this but i'll go ahead and post it and John can release it whenever he gets a chance.

This release updates JkDefrag to v3.36 and adds Czech, Finnish and Polish languages. Being busy every day now, I have not had a chance to investigate any further if i can tell if a drive is truecrypt or not so for now if someone has a truecrypt drive mounted as removable they will have to enable flash drives. I don't think that most people use TrueCrypt though.

JkDefrag Portable 3.36 Pre-Release 1 0.7MB, 1.0MB installed

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JkDefrag 3.36 Pre-Release 1 script and x64 works fine!


An x64 compiled version of your autoit script ran as well as the 3.34 version under:

WinPE 2.0 x64
Windows XP x64
and Vista x64 Ultimate

nice job!

N.B. not tested with truecrypt

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works good with windows vista

I finally got around to testing this, and so far I haven't had any problems with Vista Ultimate SP1 and it leaves nothing obvious behind.

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