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SSH Keys in WinSCP

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SSH Keys in WinSCP


Is there a way to place the SSH keys in a directory of the WinSCP root directory and configure the profiles with a relative path to the key ?

I tried to put them in WinSCPPortable's root directory and in different directories but nothing works and the application reports that it cannot find them.

That would be very helpful because if it is not possible then the application would not really be portable when using SSH keys.


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SSH keys in WinSCP

I finally figured this out. This has been driving me crazy also. I found the answer on the WinSCP forums. The path is relative to WinSCP's start directory but since PortableApps uses a launcher to help make them portable the start directory for Winscp is rootinstalldirectory\App\winscp so the path to you keyfile if it is located in the root would be ..\..\keyfilename.ppk. I didn't verify use in the root as I have mine stored with the ini file so mine is ..\..\Data\settings\keyfilename.ppk

I hope this help more than just me.

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yes thanks

I was supposed to use the winscp with a key too and had some problems too and had no mood to experiment. Will try sometimes .

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

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