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change firefox.exe filename

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change firefox.exe filename


our IT department has added firefox to our virus list and the file firefox.exe gets deleted when you attempt to run it. To get around this I need to change the executables name but I can't find where I do this. I have looked through some of the files inside FirefoxPortable and found settings that appear to be pointing to the executable but changing these does not work. Is there a way I can do this.

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You have to recompile the

You have to recompile the sources. Install NSIS.
Open FirefoxPortable.nsi (or how is it named..) and replace all occurrences of Firefox.exe with MyFavouriteBrowser.exe.
Run makensisw (NSIS compiler). Drag and drop FirefoxPortable.nsi on makensisw window.
Rename Firefox.exe to MyFavouriteBrowser.exe.
While from the launcher perspective it's OK, I'm not sure whether Firefox will run with different name. Try and you'll know.

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see Johns steps below.

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Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Copy the file FirefoxPortable.ini from the FirefoxPortable\Other\Source directory to the FirefoxPortable directory
  2. Open it up and change the line FirefoxExecutable=firefox.exe to something like betterbrowser.exe and save it
  3. In the FirefoxPortable\App\Firefox directory, rename firefox.exe to betterbrowser.exe

Then launch FirefoxPortable.exe as normal and enjoy. If they decide to block FirefoxPortable.exe as well, just rename it to BetterBrowserPortable.exe.

Important Note: If your IT department has said not to use certain software at work, it's usually a good idea to listen. It's not something worth risking your job over.

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Worked a treat. As for the important note you are absolutely correct but I am a college lecturer teaching computing subjects and constantly battling our itu for better service. We teach web development for instance and are restricted to IE. This won't get me sacked but will provoke the arguments we need to have.

Thanks again.

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With web development, it's especially important to make sure your page works on multiple browsers... I even had trouble between IE and Firefox with a very very simple manually coded HTML page (function of "center" tag on images is different in IE 6 and Firefox 2). Good luck with an IT department that lists popular open-source programs as viruses though.

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