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[Fixed] MPlayer Portable leaves folder behind when DVD played

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[Fixed] MPlayer Portable leaves folder behind when DVD played

I'm not sure if this happens in XP, but it does in Vista.

If you play a DVD that contains CSS protection (pretty much all of them) in MPlayer Portable, a folder is created called .dvdcss inside the UserName folder.

[subject fixed by mod JTH. "MPlayer is not 100% portable" was not descriptive]

Zach Thibeau
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There is an environment

There is an environment variable in mplayer that you can set in the launcher (John will need to set in the launcher though) but it will fix that there MPLAYER_HOME, this is well documented in the mplayer documentation actually found in the mplayer directory under the file MPlayerPortable/App/mplayer/man_page.html scroll down to the link ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES Smile

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Just to confirm, yes it also

Just to confirm, yes it also happens in XP.


It would be good to have it fixed at some point if possible.

VLC Media Player Portable also does the same. Posting now... Smile

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