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Some BUGs in 2.0.1

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Some BUGs in 2.0.1

Hi everyone,

first thanks for the great work and sorry for my bad English in advance.
I downloaded for about 3 Minutes the new Toucan Version and found some Bugs in it.

1) Under "Rules", when I add a new Profile and push the ADD-Button, there is written "File to include"... ?
2) When I change the language to German, the Height and Width resets after a new start of the App (only after the second restart after changing the language, until now it resets after every restart).
3) After changing the language Profile, the field "Function" resets in "SYNC" Mode, when I load a profile that was saved under a different language. So when I saved a profile in English and used Mirror(Update) as Function, when I change the language to German and restart, load the profile, the "Function" is on "Copy".

The Bugs 2 to 3 seem to be only when changing the language file, Bug 1 is only a spelling Bug I think.

Perhaps I am right and you can fix these problems. THX for the great work!!

One question:
Is it possible to make the preview also in a LOG-File. Only what will be added and what will be deleted .... I love the function to look at the hole File-Tree but I have 9000 Files to Sync, when I search the File that will be added, it takes minutes..... perhaps you can save changes in a Log-File or Window or make a preview SYNC like in Version 1.2 .....

THX! ^^


Steve Lamerton
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yes, I think you are correct on all counts! I shall aim to get these fixed for the next version Smile

As for the log file, yes I should be able to do this, I shall also aim to add this for the next version too.

Welcome to

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