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[Theme] Tabs Black

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[Theme] Tabs Black

Hello guys,
after a long period with less spare time (there's a new job and a lot of bureaucracy that will be done) I found some hours for our hobby.
I'm very happy there are so many members like wk (with many innovative ideas) or Jimmy Neutron (who's sending fresh parts of his new big tutorial faster than I can revision them) and all the other people who presents their new themes. It's moving on, there's a fresh smell in the air.
Today I finished the work on a new theme. It's not awesome in graphical sense, but I include 19 custom buttons with system commands, like open the control center or the web prefs. And it's a theme with 2 skins you can switch between.
Take a look on it:

Tabs Black
PAM Mod R34 PaTCed
140 * 350 pix

Preview & Download

Please don't bash it, I'm proud of it Wink

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Very Nice. I'm going to try

Very Nice. I'm going to try it out.

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works fine on XP SP3 admin account

gonna test it tomorrow on restricted account Wink

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