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Virtual Box/VirtualPC/VMWare

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Mix Master Trixz
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Virtual Box/VirtualPC/VMWare

I dont know if this is an appropraite

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Offtopic is the best place

Offtopic is the best place for this question as the answers are:
1. Search.
2. RTFM.

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just like an app on reguler windows. install it and run it just as you would on a normal comp. note that you will most likely have to have it on CD / DVD media in order to read it into the virtual OS, this is assuming it is not already on cd.


José Pedro Arvela
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At least VirtualBox won't work portably because it uses a special driver on the host to emulation. About VMWare I have no idea but I am sure it will be the same and VirtualPC is buggy, was made by MS, so it will be soooooooooooooooooooooooo tied into the system that all files in the Programs folder wont be enough to run it (in theory Blum ).

Also, if you are able to set up a internet connection into the internet, it is easy to download programs.

VirtualBox also allows to share folders if Gest additions are installed into the gest OS, so you can have a folder with all apps installers if you have installed gest additions into it and made a folder share.

That is all I know. Also, as it was said, some parts of this topic were already made, so please search, and application requests are made in the request apps forum.

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Mix Master Trixz
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I created the other one my mistake on creating this one too...
also, how could i forget
ptmb-izzie for rizzie...sup dude!

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