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A Portable Version Of Adobe Photo Shop

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A Portable Version Of Adobe Photo Shop

I think a portable version of this program is desperately needed should try to get working on it (Would like to hear other users opinions).

Zach Thibeau
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1)Because the nature of the

1)Because the nature of the Adobe Product Licensing, Photoshop can not be made portable here.
2)We have a free open-source alternative Image editor which will open pretty near all the formats the Photoshop can open Called GIMPPortable
3)If you do a search, you can find many topics made about Photoshop and most of the responses would be like mine man.

By the way, I'm not trying to be mean, Just informative and Welcome to

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GIMP is my choice

I use GIMP for nearly everything.
Inkscape is a great companion, for vector graphics.
Artweaver has a lot of fun brushes and can so some unique things.
Photofiltre is scaled down for quick fixes.

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Already Exists

You won't get anyone to make this application since of licensing and stuff. However this already exists some people who don't care about licensing have made it portable.

You just have to search around torrent sites and other sites that don't care about licensing.

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SEARCH FORUMS "portable apps

SEARCH FORUMS "portable apps creator"

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No because the program is tied into the system too well to be made portable just with that :S and like Zach said the photoshop licensing won't even allow for a launcher :S

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my eye twitches at the 5th

my eye twitches at the 5th posting in 2 months asking for a portable photoshop.
It is not opensource and please use the search function in the upper right corner of the page. thank you


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remember portable apps is for opensorce programs only.

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There is one...

[link removed] but I do NOT encourage using it. for one, it's illegal, and for two, the text feature doesn't work.

[if you do not encourage it, and are aware it is illegal, please do not link it in out forums - moderator PP]


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