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Yahoo Widgets launcher

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Yahoo Widgets launcher

I would like a Yahoo Widgets Launcher to be made. Yes, I know there is already one but I've tried it and it does not work.

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Don't need it

Yahoo! Widgets is already Portable:

Just so you know. You don't need a special Launcher. Just install Yahoo! Widgets to the Portable Drive (i.e. E:/PortableApps/YahooWidgets/ (where the rest of your portable Apps are installed)) and then it will show up in the App Menu. Whenever you download a Widget save it to a Folder called My Widgets in the Same directory as Yahoo Widgets Then Open the Widget through Yahoo! Widgets. When it asks if you want Consolidate your widgets say no. and Don't ask again if available. Then every time you open Yahoo! Widgets it will Look for the widgets where they were originally opened from.

I've been using my widgets At Home and at work all the time. When you go to a new computer you may have to tell it where to look for the widgets again do the the drive letter changing but you only have to do it once at that machine. Other than that it's no big deal. It does create the My Widgets folder in the My Documents and a Yahoo!Widgets Folder in the C:/Documents and Settings/User/Application but it doesn't put anything into them. My work Computer has registry Editing Turned off so it's not writing any registry Files. or I wouldn't be able to use it.

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No its not portable

as several folders are created for each widget loaded used or not. also the settings for the dock/engine are kept in system folders not the widget engine folder.

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