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Multiple Uncommon Problems...

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Multiple Uncommon Problems...

I have been snooping around the forum, but had no success in finding anyone with the same problem as me.
I seem to have multiple problems with mine as listed:
- I have a large gap which I can't get rid off underneath the status bar.
- I cannot open a new file or location.
- If I customize my toorbar settings, the main toorbar becomes disabled.
- I must view the "Manage Bookmarks" Window to actually see my bookmarks on the menu.

I found these bugs on mine within 5 min and I believe there may be more.
I reinstalled it with no sucess and I honestly believe my case is unique. I would like someone to help solve this matter as soon as possible.

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Profile issues

These are all profile issues. Start with a base install of PFF and then rebuild from there. Or figure out which extensions you have installed that are causing the issues. The large gap at the bottom means you have an extension installed that is messing up FF. It happens with the local version, too. We can't tell you which one it is because it varies, but try updating them all in Tools - Extensions first to see if that helps. If not, try a base install of PFF and add in your extensions one at a time to see where the issue lies.

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