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VLC protable as default.

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VLC protable as default.


I have got Windows Media Player on my machine and want to use VLC - i installed VLC player 0.9.2 and the VLC player was automatically set as default on my machine which is good. Now when i play any video files on my machine it automatically opens up VLC player and plays it.

I have also got a thin client and that has got Media Player as default as well. I downloaded VLC Portable Player this time and installed it. Now when i open any video files on my thin client it still opens up media player as default and plays the file. How do i make VLC portable player as default player on my thin client at the time of installation? Please help.


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You cant

If you want specific file types associated with specific programs, use the normal version. Its one of the big disadvantages of portable Apps that the file type association isn't portable. Some people are working on a way around that so maybe there will be a solution in the future.

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Use XenonPortable, with this

Use XenonPortable, with this tool you can start everything with a program you choose.

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