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Sunbird: How to reinstall a skin from an old version?

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Sunbird: How to reinstall a skin from an old version?


I just updated Sunbird to 0.9, but i don't like the new skin/theme. Is there a way to install the one that came with 0.8 without reinstall the entire programme. I currently have 0.8 backup in a zip file, so that i could restore the file i seen.

But my question is, witch file i need to restore to have the skin/theme from 0.8 to my current installed version (0.9)?

Hope someone can help.

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Older skins are incompatible with the current release. You may be able to edit the current skin to look more like the older, but that's not something we can assist with.

Keep in mind that this is still pre-1.0 so there will be changes between point releases like this. Once it hits 1.0 more theme work will be done, but until then there are only a couple of themes.

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changing appearances

The link below helped me modify the appearance a lot! Make lots of backups as you go through the learning curve!

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