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Menu becomes uncliable when opened from different system tray launcher

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Menu becomes uncliable when opened from different system tray launcher

I Recently encountered a bug where the menu become unclickable when opened for the second time (ie, first time from auto run menu worked, however launcher again from system tray left menu unclickable). I tested this on my laptop, and it worked fine. I had a think, and then realised the only difference was on my desktop, I used ObjectDock. I have an object dock that displays the system tray icons. When the portable apps menu is clicked on from there the menu does not work. I re enabled my windows taskbar, and launched it from there, and the menu was clickable.
I did some testing, and worked out that i could launch it from the windows taskbar many times, and it worked, however if i launched it once from the object dock system tray, then even if i launched it again from the windows taskbar system tray, it would be unclickable.
This is annoyed, as it means I have to re enabled my windows taskbar when i want to use the menu on my PC. Sure its fine on other computers, but its just a bit annoying.
I understand this is probably not a high priority bug, but I hope theres an easy fix.

Id be happy to do any testing in aid to solve this issue.



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Just trying to paraphrase your post down to the essentials...

You are saying that when you use ObjectDock as a launcher, the menu doesn't work correctly, but it works fine if you don't use ObjectDock as a launcher?

And you want the menu fixed because ObjectDock doesn't work correctly?


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Known Issue

This is a known issue with object dock and many other apps. OD keeps a hidden window active over all other windows and won't let you click through it. You can try moving the menu by clicking and holding on the logo and dragging it away from ObjectDock to work around the issue.

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No menu launch from tray

Hello, I have a related but different problem. I have disabled autorun on a Win2000 laptop and launch PortableApps with StartPortableApps.exe. This works fine; I get the menu and a tray icon.

But when I exit and then try to launch the menu again using the tray icon the menu flashes and disappears. The only way to get the menu back (and access to any app) is to execute StartPortableApps.exe. This is not serious but is annoying.

The problem appears to be with this particular installation of Win2000 SP4 and not with PortableApps per se. I do not have this problem with any other app sitting in the tray (I have ~15), so this post may be considered slightly off topic.

I have searched this forum and the MS KB and come up empty.

Has anyone else had this problem/ Ideas/suggestion on how to cure it are most welcome.

All the best, IPatt

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