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Xenon File Manager Theme

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Xenon File Manager Theme

Like Xenon?
& like CrystalClear icons?
Then, download this. I downloaded some icons from . They looked cute, so I turned them into .ico & start replacing the original theme icon (obviously, with a backup well saved). so, here it is.
There are additional icons first moved for keepass' databases, midi files & cda files, & there are some office ones left, wich I cannot find.

Download CrystalClear v1 beta:
It could be said it's in "beta" phase, as I have still some icons to correct, but...

to install (ah, I forgot it) u have to decompress the folder in the zip into \XenonPortable\App\xenon\themes\

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Cool. Thanks!

Cool. Thanks!

Mr Magical
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I could help you make an

I could help you make an installer.

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