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requesting a Portable CD DVD Burner/ cloner / Backup / tool

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requesting a Portable CD DVD Burner/ cloner / Backup / tool

hello portable app's guru's!
i have no idea if there is a tool out there that can do this but
How about CD/dvd burner/ cloner/ back up utility portable app ?
i have modified some older windows apps that use .ini files to run from a USB drive and they work ok - but some thing more modern and robust would be nice

All the obvious tasks would make a portable app very attractive like:
* Data CD/DVD – bootable disks Support for .bin .cue , .ISO ect ..
* Music CD - Burn from mp3 Play Lists ect..
* Cd/DVD Cloner
* Backup. back up that USB drive! Smile
* Video Converters.
* cover label creator.

this would also be a handy tool for creating RW optical disks with portable application.


go2hell (not verified)
Take a look at DeepBurner
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Stand Alone Burner

You can also try

its an all in one executable, small portable and free

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There's burnatonce. (

There's burnatonce.
( )
Based on opensource software, but burnatonce itself is only "Free for non-commercial use."
And DVD burning requires separate software....

There's CDBurnerXP, but newer versions require .NET, and that isn't portable. ( They still offer up older versions that don't require .NET. It's listed as "100% free."

There's Deepburner portable:
( )
Already made portable. Never used it, but I did install it.
Btw, Deepburner free version doesnt offer video DVDs, backup utility, photo cd/dvd albums, burning from the command line, or drive/media information utility. So that may be the one you'd like the best, most suits your needs...

Also installed and tried microburner 5. It offers free burning, but you can pay for more features. So its, I guess you'd call it crippleware. Although it offers 'all the features of version 4 for free.'

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IMHO - Complex Evolution

Complex Evolution
This slim application enables easy creation of data, audio, DVD and UDF disks.

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Self Promotion?
  • Not Open Source.
  • Not Free.
  • No indications that this app is portable @ all... (They don't even have a FAQ about it, just the TC plugin.)

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John T. Haller
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Directly related

If it is directly related to a question asked, you can respond with info about your product as he did. But, you're right, I can't seem to find any information on whether this is portable or not. Is it Olos?

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Yes, it's true portable application

Complex Evolution initially developed as a portable application. It is directly and clearly stated on to the main page in 'Key features'. All the setting are saved in the ini-file which is placed within the program folder. It can start even from CD/DVD (in this case all the settings are saved into the registry).

If this raises any interest I am able to provide a significant discount for the members of this forum in exchange for let's say... the reference in the list Apps Hosted Here :-).

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Seems Cool!

Hey Oles,
I just read this thread and discovered your app. I've downloaded the demo and will try it out to make sure it works well with my burner. As long as it works, I'll be purchasing a license! It seems like a good app, it has all the features I need for burning discs.

I have been using InfraRecorder, but it just sucks. I can't get it to actually burn a disc for me. Every time I try it says it burned the disc just fine, but when I would re-insert it would still show up in windows as being empty. So I'll give your app a shot with some stuff I need to burn and hope it works!

The ONLY suggestion I might make would be to modify the installer to make it more of a portable app. I ran the installer but pointed the install location to my portable hard drive. It installed the app just fine, but it also installed a start menu folder, an uninstall script in my control panel, and some icons on my desktop and quick launch (I know you can choose not to install the icons -- I wanted to see what would happen).

The application itself is portable (I can verify that), but your installer puts a bunch of stuff on the machine's local drive. If you changed your installer scripts to give people the option to install the application as a portable one (just like PStart's installer -- it gives the option to install normally or to install the app but to not create a start menu folder, uninstall script or desktop icons), then I think you can really consider the app a "portable" app.

P.S. What I did to get rid of all that stuff was un-install the app from the control panel, and then used Universal Extractor ( to extract the files from the installer. Then I just copied the {app} folder to my portable hard drive and it runs fine.

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Re: Seems Cool!

Your wish has been done and a new version is available to download Smile

Rob Loach
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Express Burn

Although it doesn't feature all of the features you listed, Express Burn is a quality portable CD burning software program.

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I assume that every CD

I assume that every CD recorder, wheter it's portable or not require admin privillages, am I right ?

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cdrtools Frontend

writes settings to folder only if you create an empty cdrtfe.ini file in the same folder it also used xp style hacker to create a manifest file(im to lazy to make on myself) since its based on 2000 gui to make it have a more xp interface (or xp "friendly")

link to app

xp hacker

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MCP (For XP and Server 2003)
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