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AutoCAD clone

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AutoCAD clone

I guess like many users, I'd like a portable AutoCAD clone please.

Has anyone tried making A9CAD portable?

Or some other programme that can read/write DWG format.


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Hello AndyUK In response to

Hello AndyUK

In response to your question, there is a cad clone here.

I think it can read/write dwg.

Please next time utilize the search box or take a quick look through The Test Release Page

And welcome to PortableApps.Com

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If you're looking for open-source alternatives to common closed-source commercial software, check out

Although the directories are not necessarily for portable versions, and are not always entirely "complete," they are definitely a great place to start. (See the listing for AutoCad here)

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I have been using a 2D program called Draft Choice for windows. It can import/export in dxf which Autocad will also do. The program is simple but also powerfull and allows drawing commands through keyboard input as well as using a mouse. This program was written for Win 3.1 but still runs under XP pro & Vista home basic. I have not checked for registry entries but it does write to ini files contained in its own directory. After I initially installed it, all I have to do is to copy the program directory to a usb or other portable device. The program was shareware, but now the makers have stopped promoting it and have made available the registration serial number in the support forum on their web site.

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