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World Wind

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World Wind

World wind is basically an open source alternative to Google Earth. So for the very few of you who don't know what that is it's a program that allows you to see anywhere in the world in 3-D. This app is open - source and free. that is the link to the download that is the home page
I'm not sure if this is possible to be made portable and I hope somebody checks it out!

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WorldWind uses cashed files

WorldWind uses cashed files that run into the GBs. This makes WorldWind to big (and slow) for most or maybe any Flash Drives available atm. Also when you limit the amount of cashe it would literally replace files constantly with new graphic files.

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At this moment I just

At this moment I just finished installing Portable Apps on a 16 Gb corsair Voiager mini
And this one is modest in size unlike it's bigger brothers.

And World wind comes ready for java as well...

maybe there is still hope

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it's more suitable for local

it's more suitable for local HD's or large removable drives, but even tho I would love for this program to be portable isn't that impossible because it uses NET??

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His first link says it

His first link says it does

But his third one does not mention it.

Maybe theres a .Net version that does not need Java and a Java version that does not need .Net


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Newbie question : NASA WorldWind Portable


there are two folders. Java version (up to 0.5) and .Net version (up to 1.4).

Do you know if any of this is portable ?
Can you tell if there is any chance to see it portable ? Why if not ?

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you've seen Google Earth Portable right?

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