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HM NIS Edit/ Wizard/setup language trouble

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HM NIS Edit/ Wizard/setup language trouble


I am trying to make an application portable.

For that i am trying to use the HM NIS Edit 2.0.3 application.

I have trouble with the wizard it contains.

In the second window, under no circumstance does it allow me to choose a language.

Without choosing a setup language it does not allow me to proceed to the next stage.

What am i doing wrong?


Zach Thibeau
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Well HM NIS Editor Wizard s

Well HM NIS Editor Wizard s only for creating installers, I recommend only using HM NIS EDIT with the Editor not the wizard

your friendly neighbourhood moderator Zach Thibeau

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You will not use the wizard

You will not use the wizard under normal circumstances. It is for generating install files.

It will not work properly if you have not setup you NSIS install locations.

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Hi everyone,
I have found out a new solution to solve it. Thank to this post:
Go to NSIS -> Configuration
Then specify the path of "makensis.exe" (NSIS Compiler) and "NSIS.chm" (NSIS help) by using the directory you have used to install NSIS
Finally, the problem is solved! Smile
Moreover, if you want to find how to create basic NSIS installer, you can refer this article:
Good luck to you! Smile
Quach Phat Thang
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This solved my noob issue as well!! Thanks!

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