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AllowMultipleInstances of programs

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AllowMultipleInstances of programs

hi !

as we are using this great apps also on our servers, whereto we connect via terminal clients, it would be fine to be able to launch 2 or more instances of a portable app in the same time.

a recent example would be the process-explorer: if one instance is open @a term-window, on all other term-windows the launcher quits with the error: "shut down the running instance first.."

I've experimented rebuilding the processexplorer-launcher with the param "AllowMultipleInstances", but didn't succeed with this till now and the current paf seems to ignore this option in the ini-file.

did anyone of You account/solve a similar problem ?

I tried also notepad++ and some others..

tnx & congrats for Your great work !

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If a portable program

If a portable program launcher supports multiple instances via it's ini file, it should be documented in the readme file. If it's listed and it doesn't work, you need to post a bug report.

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John T. Haller
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Not Exactly

He's trying to run two copies of the same app under two different user accounts at the same time, I believe. This is not supported.

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Not exactly..

hi !
tnx 4 Your quick answers: same user-account - different terminal-shells - so 2 instances of the portable app on the same machine, but each of them in their own context.
i can imagine, that re-writing the registry can be a prob in this constellation, but as we are rsyncing this master-server to 40 slaves, the "one time config and 40 time use"-capability (also autom. version-updates) are so nice, that we are looking for some compromises for this "annoying issue" Wink
the strange thing:
in the same session I can open as many parallel processexplorers as I like, even if only the first instance of the "portableApp" survives - the others are dying, but leaving their child-program "procec.exe" itself working (and in the processlist)
therefore I guess, that the parameter "AllowMultipleInstances" itself is working somehow.
other ideas ?

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