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Shockwave plugin not working

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Shockwave plugin not working

I'm having trouble to install the Shockwave plugin. I've copied np32dsw.dll to \FirefoxPortable\Data\plugins and it actually appears in the plugins windows (Adobe Shockwave for Director Netscape plug-in , version 11.0). But when i open a site which needs the plugin to run it just crashes firefox. If i install the plugin normally on the pc it works fine but what i wanted was to have it portable like i have the flash plugin, the wmp plugin...

Just for the record the page i'm trying to access is and when i click on "play now" firefox crashes.

Am i doing anything wrong? Am i copying the wrong file? As anyone got this to work?

John T. Haller
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Shockwave apparently requires a local install now. The dll plugin is just a connector that connects to this (along the lines of Windows Media Player, Quicktime, Real, etc). Flash is self-contained and thus semi-portable (though it leaves settings behind).

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