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Portable WebDAV

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Anonymous (not verified)
Portable WebDAV

Would be nice to have access to my WebDAV store while away and synchonice data, maybe even backup the changes on the usb stick...

BitKinex is a nice one but unfortunately not open source Sad

does anyone know a open source WebDav client? (graphical, not command line...)

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Internet Exploder (I think)

Internet Exploder (I think) can do it. Portable FileZilla might be able to handle it too... Have a look!


moonman (not verified)
IE is useless...

Havent tried FileZilla but didnt read anything it could handle it...
WebDAV support in IE is useless... is connected to much with explorer and sometimes the whole machine freezes... who does want to use IE anyway??
And of course it would be nice to have a PortableApp and take the settings and favorites anywhere...

Rob Loach
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Have you thought of using a CVS or SVN server?

moonman (not verified)
WebDAV comes with my email account

I have 5GB WebDAV store with my email account, and im using that...
So I cant use an other server, specially I cant change now as I'm travelling Smile

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