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VLC Windows Support

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VLC Windows Support

I've just figured out that VLC stopped supporting only ancient Windows 95/98/Me. They are still fully supporting 2000/XP/Vista. So, there is no need for PortableApps to stop releasing portable versions of VLC, right?

Come on guys, those versions of Windows are way too old. The fact that VLC had stopped supporting them shouldn't be important.

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We didnt stop updating

We didnt stop updating because VLC stopped supporting win 98, we stopped updating because they haven't released their new versions for Windows...

From VLC Site:
We are putting out a call for NEW Windows developers. At the moment, our Windows-port is sorely missing some much needed love from a true Windows developer. Our team has been without a Windows developer for several months now, which is blocking us from supporting our largest usergroup in the manner we want to. We are therefore looking for developers to help our team in the areas of debugging crashes, Direct X, A/V capturing, ActiveX and Windows integration, so we can hopefully resume supporting our largest group of users in the best possible way. If we are unable to find new developers, new versions of VLC media player for Windows might become less frequent and severely out of sync with the Linux and Mac OS X versions.

Edit: it seems the windows build is updated now

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I'm aware

I'm already aware. And I'm packaging a Pre-Release of 0.9.4.

But we'll have to include a warning that some features like playlist/media library are currently extremely buggy on Windows. The Windows port of VLC is definitely lagging.

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