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Task Coach Portable 0.70.4 Pre-Release 1

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Patrick Patience
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Task Coach Portable 0.70.4 Pre-Release 1

Application: Task Coach
Category: Office
Description: Task Coach is an a feature rich and easy-to-use task manager to manage a wide variety of tasks. With Task Coach you can set start and completion dates, create a budget for a task, add attachments, and even print off your tasks in a very easily readable form.

Download Task Coach Portable 0.70.4 Pre-Release 1 [7.7MB download / 9.5MB installed]
(MD5: 93978de51bcdc90e2d97bc4358247797)

Release Notes:

Pre-Release 1 (2008-10-08):

  • updated to Task Coach 0.70.4

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no problems with pre-release 1 so far

I've just tried it out on Vista Ultimate SP1. I haven't had any problems so far, and I haven't found anything obvious left behind

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